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Darker 'Untitled 14' by Andrew Goldie

Image of Darker 'Untitled 14' by Andrew Goldie


Originally from Melbourne, Andrew Goldie has worked internationally as a commercial photographer and premiered the first of his solo shows; I’m big in Japan, in 2006. Now residing in Bronte, Goldie has recently completed the series Darker, where he explores the ideas of energy, life, death and transformation. The works are inspired by art and science with an imaginative, almost supernatural vision. He captures enigmatic scenes, which move from dark moonlit forests to cliff tops and lonely corners of an industrialised city. An amazing blend of both natural and constructed light is a distinctive feature throughout Goldie’s work.

The subject of this collection is an anthropomorphic white sheet pulsating with light and energy. The scene is described by the artist as being “symbolic of a clean and sterile moment… a brilliant flash of energy or transformation that goes unnoticed”. The viewer is transported into a perplexing circumstance where they are witness to a beautiful yet bizarre metamorphism and are forced to create a narrative. These visually stunning and thought provoking photographs are at once captivating and impenetrable.

Ink Jet Print on Fine Art Paper

39cm x 52cm Limited Edition of 4.

58cm x 77cm Limited Edition of 3.

Prints are signed and numbered by the artist.